Heart of Fire






Heart of Fire


On my belly I dance you, Darkness

My mud-covered breasts are sliding across your infinity

My womb is opening to you, Darkness, and from the cradle of my hips

Crow flies, carrying your sacred seed up to the skies



On my two feet and legs I dance you, night-feathered Messenger between the Worlds

My arms are slicing through thin air, homage to you, wise elder sister, and

my flesh and bones and soul are shaking, receiving endless bounty from your  overflowing beak.


On my knees I dance my prayers, O Heart of Fire rising in the East.

Four times I bow, while tender rays are making love to West and North and South.

Lo, Earth is born in glorious perfection

Reflected by a morning sky so drenched in light my blazing heart just bursts and lays the ashes down to die







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