A thousand kisses



A thousand kisses



A deliciously love accident happened to my heart

Love kissed me about a thousand times

My mouth felt like a rose blooming

My heart started spreading love fragrances


The sweet love that kissed me so well

Was dressed as a beautiful man

Or better said, as a man full of beauty

And also, for the first time in my life

As a wonderful woman

Or better said, as a woman full of wonder


Now I am in a bit of a love shock

I think my heart has grown bigger at least three sizes

I dreamed this night about thunder and lighting

And my solar plexus is hurting

It’s from all that growing

That took place in one wonderful moment


Maybe I am afraid of my inner kisser

She is waking up

After a lot of “be nice and sit still and behave”

Now she tasted new pleasure

And I don’t know her very well

And I am afraid she will bring me into trouble


On the other hand

I like my grown heart

It feels like dancing

And writing poetry

And I love my husband and my sons more…..

Than before this love accident


Maybe it was not a love accident

But a love miracle

And maybe I only have to adjust

To my expanded heart

Maybe my inner kisser can become my

Succulent, wild and juicy girlfriend

And maybe I will discover

That love can never be misbehaving

Only gorgeous, abundant and inspiring

Creating new and truthful moments


I have a book with wild and loving poems

From an Sufi poet called Hafiz

He is to me on the writing floor

What Rolando is to me on the dance floor

Hafiz said to me:


One regret that I am determined not to have

When I am lying upon my

Death bed

Is that we did not Kiss Enough.


And than he said:


Nothing Evolves Us Like Love


I think I found myself two new fathers

Hafiz and Rolando

Two experts on matters of the heart

I think I am going to follow there lead

And dance and kiss and write

Swaying into every new moment

And live happily ever after

And build a thousand poems

Out of a million kisses


So please love

Kiss me again

And again

And again


Saskia de Bruin




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