Tree of Life






Tree of Life                                                            


Last night my Mother dreamed a dream with me

her body grew the holy cross

a giant apple tree that linked earth and heaven

with the worlds below


One pair of peacocks roosted to the left side of the trunk

one pair to the right hand side

countless eyes in their majestic tails

contained all secrets of the universe


Four lovely children I saw dancing

round and round the apple tree

in a never-ending circle

to the heartbeat of the Deity






Lightning struck

the Tree was clad in clouds of blossom

myrtle-wreathed Beauty flashed her mirror

dancing in the moonlit east

her white doves led him to her

Wild Goat, Great Bull crowned with ivy

drunk on red wine and the frenzy of the flesh

she bade him to devour her

drink of her juices

pierce her to the core

fill her belly with his flaming seed

so she may bear fruit

for all the worlds to eat






Sky´s waters broke

apples were ripening on the Tree

the Queen of flowers, fruit and grain

ruled south together with the Shepherd King

one night she left her lover´s arms

to dive into her deepest heart

she threw herself into the ocean far below

seven masks she wore and seven trinkets

she lost them all and met her death

found new life and seven cups of serpent´s wisdom

her lover followed on her path

and brought his gift to her when he returned

two snakes coiled in love

around a flower-bearing staff






Earth smelled of falling leaves

fruits of wisdom were gathered from the Tree

In a rush of russet passion, showering all life with gifts

Abundance gladly flashed her dying body to the western sun

Horned God of Plenty surrendered to the raven´s call

they went together to the grave

where all is one and one is all

all that is old

outworn and waste

must die

and feed the seeds of soul






Icy wind blew from the north

snow clothed the branches of the Tree

buried deep in frozen ground, the Hag´s mortal remains

embraced the ashes of the Holly King

wherein a golden acorn glowed

essence of oak, already fully grown

Drumbeat greeted the new King

healer of the worlds within

he lit a candle for his Bride and kissed her dewy lips

caressed her flawless milkwhite skin

that smelled of myrrh and new beginnings

she breathed her verdant heart into his light

birdsong wafted on this gentle breeze

snowdrops were blooming in the chalice of her eyes








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